Hydraulic Hoses Factory In China

TECHOSES is a Chinese company dedicated to produce and distribute hydraulic hose, industrial hose and Pneumatic hose, PVC hose and related accessories.We have professional engineers to controlled and inspected raw materials strictly to ensure the quality.
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Premier Industrial Hose Manufacturing

Many industries use rubber hose in their day-to-day operations, TECHOSES makes low pressure and medium pressure rubber hoses the intended use is what determines the rubber composition function also determines the color because industrial hoses are offen color cold.
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Why Choose Us

10 Years Dedicated to Industrial Hose

TecHoses dedicated to industrial rubber hose 10 years,one of the biggest industrial rubber hose manufacturer and exporter in China.30 production lines ,annual output 8000 tons,export to more than 50 countries,full range of industrial rubber hose available.

Product Advantage

In a field sometimes plagued by poor quality and little to no customer service, TecHoses is setting a new standard: superior abrasion resistant, superior elasticity,more kink resistant, withstand high temperatures and pressures, a variety of bright colors.

Strict Quality Inspection

Experimental Center of the company,Raw materials and product quality testing; Bit rotating roll angle type abrasion tester,detection of rubber wear; Rally of electronic machines,test wire and pull the hose size test, The machine is to be tensile hose detection; Rotorless rheometer, Determination of vulcanization of the viscoelastic properties.

Who We Are?

About TecHosesIn a field sometimes plagued by poor quality and little to no customer service, TecHoses is setting a new standard. We fabricate our industrial hose assemblies according to the most stringent standards in the industry and we are committed to customer service excellence.

Our industrial hose assemblies are used within process and automation industries likes chemical, garden manufacturing, semiconductor and other markets as well. These industrial hoses and fittings connect up to equipment that must function precisely for numerous cycles.


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Quality is first, our hydraulic hoses are available in different sizes and types. They can be high pressure hydraulic hose, medium pressure hydraulic hose, low pressure hydraulic hose, high temperature hose, wire-braid hydraulic hose, spiral wire hydraulic hose and thermoplastic hose..

Creating the Right Hose for Any Industry

TecHoses is dedicated to the very concept it started with in 1999 "Fast, Courteous. and Professional Service" which is the cornerstone on which we have built our business.

Here at TecHoses we custom make Hydraulic , Industrial, Pneumatic and Transportation

Hoses for all type of industries. From the extreme pressure demands of Hydraulic systems to the Critical Specifications of the Industrial Sector, and the demanding performance requirements of the Truck and Automotive Industries.

With so many different Industries to service TecHoses stocks at all locations thousands of different Hose, Fittings, and Adapters American and Metric sizes

TecHoses' Customer Service Centers offer a FAST and EASY way to reduce your down time. Our Courteous and Professional staff are ready to help you with all of your Hose and Fittings needs, Our motto is "TO SERVE YOU AND TO SERVE YOU FAST !"